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Seriously if they won’t tell me that Rebekah is coming back before season 1 ends and if I won’t get lots of adorable Closeph moments at the Paleyfest, I will be so pissed and sad!!

UGH!!!!!! I can’t live like this anymore I miss Rebekah too much!!

I don’t know what I would do if they will say that she’s not coming or if they won’t say anything about it….

I need hope that Rebekah will be back because I’m falling apart here!!!

tvd meme ♔ [2/5] relationships

"But I realize now that after a thousand years together as a family, you’re the only one who never left me."

The Originals S2

  • <b> </b> The Originals start shooting season 2 next week and I have this awful fear that Claire won't come back...I mean if she will not be back next week it means that there is no chance she will be a regular and that she will be a guest star if she ever comes back....<p><b></b> And what am I supossed to do if that happens?! I loved and followed Rebekah for almost 3 years now and loosing her everytime she gets daggered on tvd and after 1x16 of TO it is just to hard to wait....I need to wait 6 months for season 2 to see her in the first ep and if she won't be there it means that I have to wait even more and because she will not be a regular (if she won't be on the first ep) , that means that she will only come back for a few eps and she will have to leave again....my heart is completely broken because of this...I can not have my heart broken everytime she leaves...it is TOO HARD!!! I do not know what to do.. I just with she will come back as a LEAD next season because I miss her way too much and it hurts ....even though she is a tv character<p>


oth meme: [3/5] ships - Clay Evans & Quinn James

"But everything is better with you. Everything is better and everything is safe, and I can’t live without you. I don’t want to, Clay.”

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